The question I am usually asked first is how much will it cost?   The answer is that it depends entirely on the type of mural you want!   As each work of art is unique and hand painted it will take a different amount of time depending on the level of detail required.   A very large but simple mural can be take a few days to do, while a small mural with incredible detail can take a week.   I work on a daily rate, so having seen the wall either in person or in photographs, and discussed what your idea is, I can work out how long it will take and give you a price.  To give you an idea of how long it takes me to paint a mural, the pheasants flying down the staircase took me four and a half days to do.  The large waterfall (a three storey building) took me four and a half weeks. 

So now for the creation of your very own of work of art.  Having talked to you and found out what you like and don't like I will create two or three hand painted designs for you to look at.  We can then amend and refine these down to a single design.  Once you are happy with your new mural the exciting part can start - the painting!   We may need to look at scaffolding or ladders and where I will stay if you are based outside London - all of which we can discuss separately. 

And once I am finished painting then that will be it: a new mural to enhance your house or business, turn a lightwell into a garden, give you a hallway with the wow factor, a bedroom which brings you happiness or a playroom which fires the imagination.

If you have an idea for a mural then please contact me and we can discuss what I can do for you and for your walls.